Introducing CBD products to your pet’s daily regime could potentially help you restore internal balance in the body and mind. Just like their owners, pets have an endocannabinoid system that promotes balance and regulates vital bodily functions; including immunity, pain, mood, and sleep.

The hemp plant is a rich source of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). Which is thought to have calming, soothing and re-balancing properties, that work to help with anxiety, stress and sleep issues. By introducing cannabinoids to your pet’s diet, you help promote a harmonizing effect in their body.




What are the best CBD Products for Pets?

Finding the right CBD product for your pets depends on important factors such as your pet’s size, weight and health condition. Most smaller pets like cats and dogs can benefit from the Endoca’s Raw CBD oil range in medium and strong strengths. While larger pets like horses, due to their size will need a stronger dose with our CBD Hemp Extract.

The ideal method of giving your pet CBD can often come down to you and your pet’s personal preference. While our Raw CBD oils are the best method of absorption, if your pet is sensitive to the taste of hemp, you may find our tasteless CBD crystals are a better match.

All our CBD products are versatile and easy to use. To give your furry companions the ideal dose, start low and work your way up. Taking CBD is a personal experience with results that may differ from pet to pet.

Can CBD Oil be used for Pets?

Pets can also be subjected to day to day stresses that can lead to anxiety, pain and sleep issues. The compound CBD is not only an effective way to stimulate the body to create more of its own cannabinoids, but it can also help to prompt the body to help repair symptoms.

CBD oil is a rich source of plant cannabinoids that can help to support your pet’s body and regain their internal balance. By encouraging a general sense of well-being. The advantage of choosing high-quality CBD oil for pets is that it can be used for you, and your furry friends. The compound CBD is the same in all our products because we believe your pets also deserve the power of nature in every drop, just like you. Animals such as horses, dogs, and cats are some of the more common types of pets that can benefit from taking CBD.

How to use CBD for Pets?

Endoca Raw CBD oil medium strength contains 1mg of CBD+CBDa per drop. Ideal for low doses and is more suited to cats and dogs.

Endoca Raw CBD oil strong strength contains 5mg of CBD+CBDa per drop. Ideal for medium-high doses. Well suited to medium-large sized dogs and horses.

Endoca Hemp Extract is one of our stronger products and contains 200mg of CBD per gram. This option is best for extra-large dog breeds that need a stronger dose or very large animals such as horses. – NOT recommended for small-medium sized pets.

Raw CBD oil drops and Hemp extract can be added to your pet’s mouth or added to food using the dropper provided.

SAFETY NOTE: Do not put the glass dropper directly into your pet’s mouth, as the glass may break.

Endoca CBD Crystals are one of our purest and most versatile products, containing 500mg of 99% pure CBD per jar. The best option for owners who want to give their pets pure CBD with zero hemp taste. Add directly to food or use to create healthy pet treats.

Discover our CBD for pets dosage guide to help you find your pet’s perfect dose.